TT-956: Power Roller Cutout Option

Tech Tip-956
Models Affected: BE-SL/DS/TS/QS

The Power Roller Cutout Option for the Operator Aboard Battery Extractor (BE) prevents accidental discharge of batteries from the BE roller bed. The option disables the power rollers of the BE, requiring additional input from the operator to move a battery completely off the BE.


The Power Roller Cutout option consists of one or two photo-electric sensors, two solenoid control valves, and a push-button-operated, normally closed switch. A single photo-electric sensor can be used to protect against discharge from both compartments on either the left or right of the BE (BE-PRC-1). If protection is required on both sides, two sensors are required (BE-PRC-2). The sensor(s) are mounted at the outer edge on the operator’s side of the near roller compartment. The corresponding reflector(s) are mounted at the far side of the far roller compartment so that a battery in either roller compartment will be recognized. When the photo-electric sensor’s beam is interrupted, the solenoid valves installed in each of the power roller drive motor circuits are activated, disabling the power rollers in both compartments. The operator must depress and hold the override button on the dashboard in order to enable the power rollers while the battery is blocking the photo-electric sensor. Once the battery passes beyond the sensor beam the power roller operation returns to normal.


The BE-PRC-1 and BE-PRC-2 are available options on all BE’s which utilize power rollers. Parts kits are also available for field installation on existing BE units. Contact the BHS Technical Support Department or your local BHS Dealer for information on the required kit for your specific BE. Click here for more information on the Power Roller Cutout kits.

* Power Roller Cutout is standard on QS models

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