TT-954: Wash Water Filtration

Tech Tip-954

Models Affected: All RNS models

The BHS Recirculation and Neutralization Systems (RNS) create a closed loop system for battey wash water. Based on the condition of the batteries to be washed, the initial cleaning of a battery fleet may require multiple filter replacements.


BHS recommends that an existing battery fleet be professionally cleaned prior to initiating the use of the RNS system. Doing so will minimize high acid and particle levels which would require frequent filter replacement and water neutralization to avoid damage to the RNS.


The standard canister filter used with the RNS system is a five micron filter, part # PB0002. BHS now also offers a twenty micron filter as an option, part # PB0002-20. The twenty micron filters are also provided with new RNS units for initial use. BHS recommends that once all batteries have been cleaned, the five micron filters are utilized. Use of the twenty micron filters will increase the time between filter replacement but will also require more frequent water replacement as the filters will not remove as much of the fine particulate.

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