TT-948: Spare Parts Kits

Tech Tip-948

Models Affected: All

Spare Parts Kits Availability


Despite routine daily inspection and scheduled preventative maintenance, eventually parts will fail, even with the engineered durability of BHS equipment. When parts inevitably fail, having spare parts on hand can be the difference between minutes of downtime for a simple part replacement versus a day or more while new parts are obtained.

Spare parts on hand can save time and money. Save time by making a repair with parts from inventory on hand without waiting for parts to arrive. Save money by shipping parts in before they are needed instead of paying expedited shipping charges or courier charges for emergency same day shipments.


BHS has recommended spare parts for all transfer equipment, as well as spare parts kits available for all BE models. Information on the spare parts kits, as well as all parts kits, Tech Tips, Planned Maintenance Checklists and more, are available online. Find BHS Technical Literature under the Library tab.

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