TT-946: The Importance of Maintaining EQ Chains

Tech Tip-946
Models Affected: All BE-SL, DS, TS, and QS Models

Equalization (EQ) chains are an integral part of maintaining a level roller bed while lifting and lowering of the Battery Extractor (BE). Proper maintenance, adjustment and repair of these chains is essential to ensure the BE raises and lowers properly.


The EQ chains keep the roller bed of the BE level when in motion, regardless of the load’s static position. With the EQ chains properly set, the load is evenly distributed through the chains and cylinders. Operating the BE with misadjusted or broken EQ chains could lead to an unlevel roller bed, resulting in additional wear and possible damage to other components as well as the frame. The subsequent uneven load could result in broken EQ chains. The uneven roller bed could cause damage to the cam rollers and channels if not addressed promptly.


Inspection of the EQ chains should be part of every pre-shift or daily inspection. Chains should be adjusted to have a 1/4” of movement in the center of the longest run. When properly tensioned, all four of the EQ chain upper studs should be approximately the same height above the crossbars. One stud significantly higher than the others could indicate that chain has jumped a complete tooth, in which case the EQ chains will need to be reset completely.


If the EQ chains are found to be improperly adjusted, it is important that the unit be set on the EQ adjustment stops and the chains be corrected following the proper procedures. Simply tightening a loose chain may only worsen the issue. Failure to follow proper resetting procedures could result in chain breakage, and possibly, component and structural damage. If a master link has broken, it is imperative to replace the stud in order to reduce the chance of repeat failure due to a potentially damaged stud.

BHS offers EQ Chain Adjustment Stop Kits which include the stops required for properly setting the EQ chains as well as instructions for resetting or replacing the EQ chains. These kits are also supplied in the Service Stand Master Kits which currently ship with all new units. Click here for information on the EQ Chain Adjustment Stop Kit or Service Stand Master Kit for your Battery Extractor.

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