TT-942: Proper Lubrication Procedures

Tech Tip-942
Models Affected: All

BHS recommends regular inspection and maintenance of all battery handling equipment. Lubrication is an integral step in this process and involves much more than simply applying lubricant. Following the tips below will ensure proper lubrication, and ultimately, a longer life span of your battery handling equipment and its parts.


To prevent unnecessary wear on components, it is important to clean old grease from equipment prior to lubrication. Dust and debris can become embedded in exposed grease and oil, making the lubricant gritty, which can cause wear instead of preventing it. It is important that exposed grease and oil be removed from components before new lubricant is applied. For lubrication of BHS equipment, a #2 lithium based grease is recommended.

  • Wheels and Casters (all units) - Remove any exposed old grease and debris. Apply new grease via the zerk fitting until the new grease is visible. Once the wheel has been sufficiently greased, clean any excess to avoid additional debris build up. Typically, swivel casters will have two zerk fittings, one for the wheel bearings, and one for the swivel assembly bearings. Both should be lubricated in the same manner.
  • Carrier Shafts and Lead Screw (Battery Extractors) - Clean all old grease and debris from the length of each shaft and lead screw as well as from the frame at each end of the shafts and screw. Apply new grease via the zerk fitting at all four carrier bearings as well as the nut block until new grease is visible around each. Wipe away any old grease displaced by the new. Apply an additional thin coating of grease along the entire length of each shaft and screw.
  • Guide Rollers (Angle Track Guidance) - Remove any exposed old grease and debris. Apply new grease via the zerk fitting.
  • Chains (all units) - Wipe away old oil and debris, then apply a thin coat of light machine oil using a clean rag. A non-tacky spray lubricant may also be used.
  • Mounted bearings (all units) - All mounted bearings used on BHS equipment are sealed and shielded bearings, which do not require additional lubrication unless the seals have been breached.

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