TT-938: BE Selector Switch Update

Tech Tip-938

Models Affected: All Operator Aboard Battery Extractors

BE Selector Switch Improvement


BHS has determined that the research and implementation of a different vacuum/magnet selector switch was necessary for ease of operation and maintenance. The new BE selector switch uses fewer parts and requires simpler wiring which results in greater durability and minimal service.

Previously, the BE selector switch comprised a selector with two normally open contacts and two normally closed contacts. Wiring of the switch required several jumper wires between the contacts, complicating troubleshooting and replacement. The new switch, in use since October 2012, utilizes only two contact blocks, with normally open and normally closed contacts on each block, reducing the number of parts required and simplifying the wiring.


Parts for the previous switch are no longer available. Therefore, any part replacement for the old switch will require upgrading to the current switch. The complete switch assembly is available as a kit, using the same kit number as the previous switch assembly (Part #80232001). In order to make installation of the new switch as simple as possible, the kit is shipped completely assembled and wired. Only four wire nut connections are required for installation.

More information about the BE Selector Switch kit is available in the Parts Kits section of our website or by contacting our Technical Support Group.

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