TT-934: Cable Routing and Charger Mounting

Tech Tip-934
Models Affected: Charger Accessories

Proper cable routing and charger mounting should not be overlooked in setting up a battery room or charging area. Failure to properly route cables and mount chargers could result in inefficient operation, damage, and possibly unsafe conditions.


Charger cables not properly routed or suspended are susceptible to damage from forklifts traveling near the charging area. Cables left hanging or lying in roller compartments of the battery stands can be cut or pinched by the battery as it is moved in and out of the stand. Cables lying on the floor may also become a trip hazard for battery room personnel. Damaged cables or connectors may arc creating a fire or explosion hazard as well as being a shock hazard to employees. OSHA regulation 1926.441(b)(2) mandates that “charging apparatus shall be protected from damage by trucks”.

To ensure efficient operation, chargers must be installed per the manufacturer’s specifications. Sufficient spacing must be provided to allow proper ventilation. Always refer to all charger manufacturer’s instructions prior to stacking chargers. All chargers should be mounted in all four corners with appropriate hardware to secure the charger.


BHS offers a wide variety of equipment and accessories to ensure chargers and cables are mounted securely and properly. From Charger Wall Brackets (CWB) and Charger Stands (CS) to Battery Stands (BS) with charger shelves, BHS offers many options to support your battery charging operation. BHS also offers cable management products from Magnetic Cable Mounts (CR-M) to spring or reel type Cable Retractors (CR-1 or CCR-12HD respectively) to ensure cables are out of harms way but always within reach. For more information on these items and our complete line of battery and charger storage equipment, click here.

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