TT-929: Battery Extractor Swing Gates

TT-929 - BE Swing Gates

Models Affected: All BE-SL, DS & TS machines


All current Operator Aboard Battery Extractor (BE) models utilize an inward swinging operator gate as opposed to the previous drop gate style. The updated swing gate utilizes a roller switch in lieu of the push button switch to prevent machine operation without the gate being in the closed position. The swing gate also features a spring hinge and self-engaging latch, which ensures the gate closes once the operator has boarded the machine, and remains closed during travel and extractor operation.


BHS offers a retro fit kit to update older BE units to a swinging gate. The kit replaces the existing drop gate, though the existing push button switch remains utilized. For information on this and all of our available parts kits, please visit BHS1.COM. Parts kit information can be found in

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