TT-923: Daily Inspections

Models Affected: All

As with all machinery, proper maintenance will greatly extend the useful life of your battery handling equipment. A big part of properly maintaining any equipment is routine inspection of the equipment.


A proper daily or pre-shift inspection of the battery handling system is important for ensuring proper operation of the equipment as well as the safety of the operator(s). By inspecting the equipment and addressing any issues prior to machine operation, small repairs and adjustments can be made before major repairs are required thus avoiding possible machine failures and saving lost production due to down time.


As with all material handling equipment, the battery handling equipment should be inspected prior to each use for any visual damage or defects and any required liquids should be checked for proper fill level. Any defects or damage found during the inspection should be addressed prior to operation. The equipment should also undergo scheduled Planned Maintenance (PM) which includes thorough inspection and maintenance performed by trained personnel.

A general "Daily Inspection" form as well as model specific Planned Maintenance (PM) inspection reports can be found on our website. Go to

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