TT-909: Battery Extractor Stiffener Plate Kit

Tech Tip-909: Battery Extractor Stiffener Plate Kit

Models Affected: All Operator Aboard Battery Extractors

Proper Mounting of Battery Extractor Swing Arm Cover/Stiffener Plates

The plates that cover the vacuum pump or magnet circuitry on the Battery Extractor should be properly mounted and secured. These plates not only protect the components in the extractor arm, but are part of the overall structure of the extractor swing arms. Improper plate mounting increases the chance of damage to the extractor swing arms due to excessive flexing.

It is important that both plates be properly mounted and secured on the extractor swing arms at all times during Battery Extractor (BE) operation. Install and secure new cover/stiffener plates if the current cover/stiffener plates are missing or damaged. In addition, replace any damaged or missing mounting hardware.

If only new plates and hardware are required, BHS offers a Swing Arm Stiffener Plate Kit (P/N 80252004) to replace damaged or missing components. If the extractor swing arms need replacement along with the covers/stiffener plates, contact the BHS Tech Support Department for additional kits to best suit your needs.

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