TT-907: Priming the Neutralizing Conditioner Pump

Tech Tip-907: Priming the Neutralizing Conditioner Pump
Models Affected: All BWC units with NC option

Priming of the Neutralizing Conditioner Pump

The neutralizing conditioner pump used for the NC option on BWC units is not self priming. The pump must be primed during installation and when the neutralizer in the container falls below the minimum level. In order for the neutralizer pump to function properly, the line from the container to the pump must remain filled. Air pockets in the line can cause the solution to not be introduced into the wash cycle causing a rapid drop in the pH level of the wash water. Left uncorrected, pH levels outside the recommended levels will lead to eventual component failure in the Wash Cabinet as well as the Recirculation System. Highly acidic water dripping from washed batteries could cause damage to the battery extractor and stands, as well as pose a hazard to
battery room personnel.

To keep the pump primed, mount the neutralizer container atop the wash cabinet as shown. Maintain the neutralizer solution level above the outlet nipple on the container, allowing gravity to keep the line filled.

If the pump loses prime or a new pump is installed, disconnect the line from the pump’s input allowing the solution to flow through the line. When the solution reaches the end of the line, reconnect the line to the pump. For more information on the effect of low pH levels on components and equipment, please refer to TT-906 pH Meter Care and Monitoring.

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