TT-905: Trimming Powered Rollers

Tech Tip-905: Trimming Powered Rollers

Models Affected: BE-SL, DS, TS, & QS

Trimming the Plastic Sleeve on Powered Rollers for Battery Extractors.

Due to the weight of batteries traveling on the powered rollers, the plastic sleeve on the rollers may extrude or become elongated, much like rolling a piece of clay between your hand and a table. Over time the plastic sleeve of the powered rollers will be forced toward the end of the rollers, eventually coming in contact with the frame of the roller bed. See Figures 1 and 2. Once in contact with the frame, the rollers become more difficult to turn, causing excessive strain on the power roller components. Left uncorrected, the rollers will become bound against the frame and damage to components will occur.

Trimming the plastic sleeve on the powered rollers as part of a regularly scheduled preventative maintenance program will keep the plastic from contacting the frame. With the right tools and proper instruction, trimming the powered rollers is a quick and easy, two person procedure.

BHS offers a Power Roller Trim Kit (P/N 80282001) which contains the trimming tool along with detailed instructions to properly and safely trim the powered rollers.

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