Increase Efficiency in the Battery Room with Dedicated Operators

Your facility needs an on-site battery handling expert. Designate a Dedicated Operator to handle all of your battery change-outs and maintenance for each shift. Facilities with Dedicated Operators benefit from increased efficiency in their Battery Rooms. With a Dedicated Operator, your whole battery fleet will be used more evenly, maintained more reliably, and over-all operate more efficiently. Dedicated Operator

What are the duties of a Dedicated Operator?

Conduct all battery change-outs on a shift
Manage which batteries are available for change-outs
Conduct all Daily and Planned Inspections
Perform all battery maintenance tasks and equipment repairs

What are the benefits of having a Dedicated Operator?

Accountability – Having a Dedicated Operator limits the number of personnel who may operate your battery handling equipment or conduct maintenance tasks, so there is clear responsibility and accountability – no more questions about who does what or when it was last done. Dedicated Operators work especially well with Battery Management Systems to better track accountability.

Safety – Fewer personnel operating the equipment means there are fewer opportunities for accidents. Dedicated Operators are also responsible for conducting Daily Inspections of the equipment and Planned Maintenance to ensure that all equipment is in safe working order before use.

LongevityTrained Dedicated Operators use equipment more carefully and maintain it more reliably. As a result, your battery handling equipment and battery fleet have longer lifespans so all of your equipment will be in prime operating condition when you need it most.

Precision – Dedicated Operators are experts at their tasks. They ensure the right battery goes in the right truck for every change-out so that your battery fleet is evenly rotated and every battery is properly charged, cooled, and changed.

Efficiency – Battery change-out times are faster. Maintenance stays on schedule. All equipment runs at peak performance. The entire facility runs more efficiently so your productivity skyrockets.

What does this mean for your fleet?

The benefits are clear: Dedicated Operators increase productivity and safety in your facility and lower maintenance and downtime expenses. As the point-person for all battery-related tasks and knowledge, your Dedicated Operator will help maximize equipment lifespan, safety, and productivity.

BHS recommends Dedicated Operators as part of Battery Room Best Practices, especially at facilities with larger lift truck fleets and multiple shifts. BHS Technical Support is available to help you implement Dedicated Operators in your facility to get you on track towards increased efficiency and productivity.