Holiday Giving: An Important Part of BHS Tradition

BHS staff gives large gift to the 100 Neediest Cases program.

Adopting a family through the United Way’s 100 Neediest Cases program has been a tradition at BHS for the last several years. Each year, BHS selects one of the cases to adopt, and depending on the needs of the family selected, the entire BHS staff gives monetary or in-kind donations to support the needy family.

The United Way’s 100 Neediest Cases program was started in the 1920s, so it is one of the longest standing traditions of giving in the St. Louis area. The program also goes beyond helping just the 100 Neediest. Thousands of families are nominated each year by community organizations in St. Louis and each of those families receives a direct gift from the program.

Marketing Manager, Katy Cortinovis, explains why BHS participates in the program year after year: “The holidays are a time of giving. We participate in this program because we want to foster a culture of giving. We are dedicated to local philanthropy, and the 100 Neediest Cases program is about directly supporting local community members.” She continues, “It allows us not only to give what is most necessary for them, but also to give things to make their holiday more joyous. In turn, our holiday is more joyous.”

All monetary donations from the staff are matched dollar-for-dollar by BHS corporate. As an incentive, the office staff is given one blue jean dress down day per dollar donated. This year, the total donation was $1,200 – one of the largest gifts that BHS has made to this program.