Global Lighting Fixture Market Will See Sustained Growth Through 2025, Says Report

A major research firm has forecast continued growth for the global lighting fixture market through the year 2025. The growth is fueled by new installations, which are surging due to a variety of circumstances.

The installation of energy-efficient LED lighting luminaires is a major driver in the growth.

LED lighting luminaires offer a range of benefits over fluorescents and metal halides, such as reduced energy consumption, improved durability, and lower overall costs. A lesser-known benefit of LED lighting is better safety and productivity due to improved visual acuity. As these benefits become more widely known, both the private and public sectors are embracing the use of LEDs. Global-Lighting-Fixture-Market-Will-See-Sustained-Growth-Through-2025

Another factor in the quickly growing market is the adoption of smart lighting technology.

The proliferation of smart technology is likely to keep the lighting fixture market booming for years. Studies have shown that "energy-efficient smart LED lighting systems provide a better visual comfort-working environment" at a lower cost. Fixtures with smart sensors can regulate light intensity to account for the brightness of sunlight, which provides the twofold benefits of more even, comfortable lighting and reduced energy consumption. And that's just one of the interesting features of the new technology.

Smart lighting can also quickly adapt to changing situations, which drives down energy costs. For instance, sensors can detect when there are no workers present and turn off lights in those areas. The adoption of these new technologies by companies (and even entire city governments) are a major force behind the predicted compound annual growth rate of 7.3% for the lighting fixture market.

Electricians are preparing for the surge in growth by investing in ergonomic equipment.

Heavy-duty, specialized equipment for installing light fixtures simplifies and streamlines the installation process. Formed-steel Light Fixture Carts with vinyl shelf edges to protect fixtures combine utility with ergonomics. These carts are built to fit through a standard 80-inch doorway while carrying 20 2-foot by 2-foot (or 10 2-foot by 4-foot) fixtures.
The customized construction for light fixtures makes installation quicker and safer. With heavy-duty casters (two fixed and two swivel), the Light Fixture Cart can roll through a job site as fixtures are installed in different locations. Removable locking bars keep contents in place during travel or storage.

The bullish forecast signals a strong economy and improving efficiency in workplaces.

The embrace of smart LED lighting is great for workers, businesses, and even the environment. By providing better light with less energy, these new lighting technologies will increase productivity, save money, and make a smaller carbon footprint. It's no wonder the market continues to flourish.

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