BHS Increases Dealer Efficiency Through E-commerce


Everyone knows that online retail sales is a multi-billion dollar game. However, few would assume that e-commerce-based shipments for the manufacturing sector total in the trillions of dollars each year. The US Census Bureau1 reports “e-commerce shipments were $3.0 trillion in 2012” for US manufacturers. Of that $3.0 trillion, shipments for fabricated metal product manufacturing (NAICS code 332) accounted for approximately $.14 trillion2, and machinery manufacturing (NAICS code 333) shipments accounted for another $.22 trillion. The demand for e-commerce in the manufacturing sector is huge, and BHS is at the forefront of implementing e-commerce technology to help our Dealer Network achieve continued efficiency and profitability. BHS continues to innovate by providing Dealers with easily accessible sales and support tools through our expansive eStore.

As we focus on efficiency in the Battery Room and Warehouse in November, we want to point out the ways that BHS leads the industry through e-commerce. The BHS eStore offers a personalized buying experience for participating Dealers. Our eStore was created to put all of a Dealer’s “must-haves” in one place:

  • For those on-the-fly sales opportunities, the eStore is browse-able without logging in.
  • All products and parts are displayed with detailed specifications, part numbers, and related literature.
  • The store is easily searchable by product category or part number.
  • Logged-in users can see real-time pricing – there is no need to call to verify pricing.
  • Dealers can also obtain a freight estimate, making it even faster to provide a complete quote to a client.
  • The eStore allows Dealers to save shipping info to expedite the order process.
  • eStore accounts also log order histories so Dealers can always find the information they need .
  • The eStore is available 24/7 because you never know when a sales opportunity will come up.

The BHS commitment to innovation and superior quality extends from our products to our eStore. We have a comprehensive eStore that satisfies almost every need from marketing materials to product specifications. No other battery handling equipment manufacturer offers such a well-integrated, easily operated online buying experience. The BHS eStore is designed for efficiency so that Dealers can spend less time on the phone and more time closing sales. As the role and importance of e-commerce changes and expands in our industry, BHS is committed to go where the industry takes us.

1 “2012 E-Stats.” May 22, 2014. (report no longer accessible as of Feb. 11, 2020)
2 “U.S. Manufacturing Shipments - Total and E-commerce Value: 2012 and 2011.” May 22, 2014. (report no longer accessible as of April 16, 2021).