BHS Performs Courtesy Tech Tours

Does your Battery Extractor need a check up? BHS provides courtesy Tech Tours to evaluate all Battery Extractor applications to assure the peak performance of your system. BHS Field Service Engineers demonstrate proper inspection procedures and provide preventative maintenance guidelines essential for maintaining the maximum up time on your battery extractor. Each BHS Tech Tour provides you with a complete report which includes a full system assessment to define and prevent any operational issues inhibiting your system’s output. For more information and to set up your personal Tech Tour Advantage, contact BHS today!

Your Advantages:

  • Maximizes run time
  • Enhances awareness of technical problems which arise due to improper maintenance
  • Provides recommended replacement and spare parts to help minimize any future downtime
  • Informs your personnel of inspection and preventative maintenance procedures
  • Increases the years of dependable service from your battery extractor

Complete Tech Tour Report:

  • BHS Service Contacts information
  • Equipment inspection detail findings, recommendations, adjustments, and general comments
  • Hydraulic Oil Analysis Report
  • Recommended Spare Part List
  • Preventative Maintenance Forms
  • Technical Bulletins
  • BHS Service School Information
  • Expansion and or back up equipment recommendations

Contact your BHS Representative for more information.