BHS Offers New Solutions for the Storage and Transportation of Compressed Gas Cylinders

October 17, 2016 - St. Louis, MO — Battery Handling Systems, Inc. (BHS), a leading manufacturer of industrial battery changing and warehouse equipment, now offers a line of material handling solutions for compressed gas cylinders.

The Cylinder Transporter (CT), Cylinder Transporter Cage (CTC), and Cylinder Storehouse (CSH) allow businesses to store and transport large numbers of compressed gas cylinders safely, in compliance with industrial regulations.

The storage and handling of compressed gas cylinders are regulated under OSHA standard 1910.101, which requires businesses to adhere to the rules described in Compressed Gas Association Pamphlet P-1-1965. That publication instructs staff assigned to handle gas cylinders to use "a suitable truck" to move cylinders "even short distances."

“Compressed gas cylinders can be downright dangerous when they’re not handled correctly,” said Katy Cortinovis, Marketing Manager at BHS. “Our design team wanted to make safe handling for these crucial industrial tools simple.”

Cylinder Transporters from BHS surpass Compressed Gas Association requirement with a heavy duty welded steel frame and quick-release retainer bars. Polyurethane casters, two of which swivel while the others remain fixed, provide smooth, hassle-free travel, even when the cart is fully loaded.

For travel over longer distances, the CT is equipped with two-way fork pockets. Users can lift the entire loaded cart with a forklift for effortless transportation.

The Cylinder Transporter Cage offers the same benefits, with an added level of security. A thick gauge expanded steel cage covers cylinders during storage or travel. Cage doors can be secured with a standard padlock.

Cylinder Storehouses offer safe and secure storage for compressed gas cylinders and other valuable items. Fork pockets make the unit easy to relocate on any work site, while a pitched roof provides protection from the elements for outdoor usage.

The heavy duty steel frame withstands harsh industrial environments, and is safe both indoors and out. A welded steel hasp allows doors to be sealed shut with a padlock.

“Securing gas cylinders at work sites is really important,” Cortinovis said. “Our Cylinder Storehouses are pretty much impregnable, which makes them ideal for outdoor applications.”

This innovative collection of cylinder-handling devices is part of BHS' growing line of welded steel warehouse equipment, which also includes Sheet Material and Ground Racks, Tilt Tables, and storage solutions for electrical materials. Visit to learn more about the whole line of warehouse equipment from BHS.