BHS Launches Series of Operational Videos for Battery Handling Equipment

BHS supplements Operator’s Manuals with Operational Videos for battery changing equipment in order to provide full-range of instructional materials for users.

St. Louis, MO – Battery Handling Systems, Inc. (BHS) has launched a series of Operational Videos for seven major equipment lines. The videos are available to stream in high definition on the BHS website, and they detail operational instructions that are applicable across many of their top sellers.

Videos are available for Operator Aboard Battery Extractors (BEs), Automatic Transfer Carriages (ATCs), Battery Transfer Carriages (BTCs), Walkie Transfer Carriages (WTCs), Mobile Battery Extractors (MBEs), Portable Gantry Cranes (PGCs), and Battery Wash Cabinets (BWCs). Though each product line offers several models and options, each video was created with over-all functionality in mind.

Katy Cortinovis, Marketing Manager for BHS, says, “The videos were part of an 18-month project to revamp the instructional materials available to BHS end-users. Previously, BHS offered only one Operational Video detailing operating instructions for BEs. That video was produced in the late 1990s, and provided an opportunity for BHS to update and expand.” Ms. Cortinovis says the driving force for overhauling BHS’s Operational Videos is that previous multi-media content was geared toward dealers, rather than the actual users of the equipment.

BHS built three fully-functioning showrooms on-site at their St. Louis facility to accommodate the filming. The videos highlight not only best practice use for the equipment, but also show common missteps users may make and how to correct them.

Ms. Cortinovis eagerly connects the Operational Videos with the currently available Operator’s Manuals. She notes that the videos make an excellent complement to the manuals and will allow users to more fully engage their personnel during training sessions. “First I must stress the importance of all users to completely read and understand the Operator’s Manual prior to use. With that said, visual learning is extremely important to address with educational materials. We can’t always be onsite to train users, so the next best thing is a video demonstration of exactly how everything works. Not only will it be easier to train multiple personnel at once, but now users can engage more of their team and accommodate visual learners,” she says.

The Operational Videos come on the heels of three recently released Sales Videos that give a detailed overview of product offerings and highlight BHS’s focus on providing Total Solutions for battery changing needs. Ms. Cortinovis says the Operational Videos were a logical next step to also provide BHS equipment users with a total package of instructional materials.

The new videos were created in conjunction with Dekko, Inc., a St. Louis video production firm, and were directed by Adam Huber and produced by Matt Murphy. The videos were created in high definition and made to be compatible with any desktop or handheld device.