BHS Introduces the Mobile Battery Wash Cabinet

March 8, 2016 - St. Louis, Missouri - Battery Handling Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of battery handling and warehouse equipment, recently introduced the Mobile Battery Wash Cabinet (BWC-1-M). This portable battery wash solution gives service providers the ability to clean forklift batteries on-site at any facility.

Battery wash cabinets clean harmful contaminants from a battery’s surface, which extends the life of the battery and prevents lift-truck electrical problems from developing. The BWC-1-M is equipped with heavy duty fork pockets, allowing it to travel anywhere a forklift can take it. Standard lift trucks lift the unit and maneuver with ease, dropping it off on-site at customer’s facility or simply repositioning it in the battery room.

"Clients love it when battery suppliers provide on-site wash services ," said Katy Cortinovis, Marketing Manager at BHS. "There’s less downtime when you don’t have to cart your batteries away for washes. The new Mobile Battery Wash Cabinet was built to fill that gap."

Space on service trucks is usually at a premium. That’s why the BWC-1-M includes dual anchor points inside the cabinet, allowing staff to safely transport a forklift battery within the unit. However,this option is not recommended for transport via forklift.

As with all BWC models, the Mobile Battery Wash Cabinet offers adjustable wash options and water nozzles to provide efficient cleaning for forklift batteries of virtually any size. Other features of the BWC-1-M include dual oscillating wash manifolds, an indicator light that notifies the operator when the battery drip-dry time has elapsed, and 12" x 12" polycarbonate windows on the top panel and upper door panel.

"When you wash a forklift battery, you want to see what’s going on inside the cabinet," said Cortinovis. “This model provides plenty of visibility.”

The Mobile Battery Wash Cabinet can accommodate forklift batteries that weigh up to 4,000 pounds in a heavy duty stainless steel frame. Batteries up to 42 inches long, 39 inches wide, and 36 inches high fit comfortably into the cabinet.

"There are a lot of battery models out there," said Cortinovis. “Our engineers built the BWC-1-M to fit the really common brands, as well as some more obscure designs."

The BWC-1-M is ideal for battery suppliers who offer portable wash services, but mobility offers strong benefits within individual battery rooms as well. A flexible layout in the battery room allows facilities to expand to meet new demands. With the Mobile Battery Wash Cabinet, facility managers can change the location of battery washes with their own forklift fleets.

“Mobility gives you flexibility, which makes your operation more scalable,” Cortinovis said. “We’re proud to give companies the power to move their battery wash cabinets at the drop of a hat.”