BHS Introduces the Forklift Work Platform

November 21, 2016 – St. Louis, Missouri – Battery Handling Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of battery handling and warehouse equipment, recently introduced the Forklift Work Platform (FWP). This OSHA-compliant accessory attaches to a forklift to safely lift personnel for overhead maintenance tasks.

Forklift Work Platforms also allow personnel to quickly access vertical storage for inventory, order picking, or routine upkeep. The FWP attaches securely to a forklift and has two safety harness attachment points for added protection.

“Distribution centers are stacking product higher and higher, and they need quick access to it,” said Katy Cortinovis, Marketing Manager at BHS. “The Forklift Work Platform gives them that access with a ton of safety features.”

When employees perform tasks, such as changing light bulbs or taking inventory, they carry a variety of tools and other items with them. The FWP deck has an anti-skid surface and a 4-inch toe-kick to prevent any of these items from accidentally falling off, which would be inconvenient at best and dangerous at worst.

“Lifting employees can be dangerous, so we’ve taken every opportunity to add safety features to the platform,” said Cortinovis. “There are a multitude of safeguards, from the anti-skid surface to the guard rails to the two safety harness access points. We even chose the ‘Safety Yellow’ color for higher visibility.”

The 42-inch high guard railing ensures that personnel stay safely on board, while still allowing maximum access to shelving. Expanded metal covers the 66-inch high mast guard without sacrificing visibility.

A fork-tine restraint securely locks the platform to the forks, and a quick-disconnect hitch pin allows for easy mounting and dismounting.

“Employers value their equipment being OSHA-compliant. They want to know that the manufacturer built the product with worker safety in mind,” Cortinovis said. “That’s exactly what BHS offers with the Forklift Work Platform.”