BHS Introduces Dock Ramps and Yard Ramps

October 22, 2015 - St. Louis, Missouri - Battery Handling Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of battery handling and warehouse equipment, has introduced a series of industrial ramps to improve access for loading and unloading tasks.

The new series contains both dock ramps and yard ramps, each of which are designed to eliminate forklift accidents and simplify vital loading and unloading tasks. They include 8-inch high steel curbs to keep forklifts safely on-target.

The BHS Dock Ramp (DR) is a durable steel surface that secures directly at dock- and ground-level, providing safe travel for forklifts and/or pedestrians. The Yard Ramp (YR) shares the solid design of its stationary counterpart, along with solid rubber tires for full portability. Yard Ramps allow forklifts to access trailers wherever they are positioned.

"Loading docks haven't always been the safest places for forklift drivers," said Katy Cortinovis, Marketing Manager at BHS. "We want to help change that. With every feature we added to our ramps, we asked ourselves, how will this improve safety?”

BHS Ramps are made of steel and powder-coated to resist impacts and harsh chemicals. They are designed to create a gentle slope between levels, minimizing weight-transfer for loaded forklifts. The ramps combine solid approach plates with open steel grating to create a high-traction travel path.

"When you're driving a fully loaded lift truck out of a trailer, you want a lot of traction on that surface," said Cortinovis.

Both ramps stand up to wind, rain, and freezing temperatures, and are safe for outdoor use. While Dock Ramps and Yard Ramps have similar strengths, they serve slightly different purposes. With their capability for travel and a hydraulic hand pump to adjust vertical placement, BHS Yard Ramps function as portable docks in their own right. They are easy to haul with either a fork clamp or tow bar, and each ramp attaches securely to trucks with safety chains.

This high degree of portability makes them Yard Ramps ideal for facilities that are not equipped with built-in docks, but still need to unload trailers on a regular basis. Yard Ramps can also step in to keep production high when a dock lift goes down, or during peak seasons when demand increases.

Dock Ramps, on the other hand, install more-or-less permanently into existing docks. They anchor securely at both levels, creating a smooth transfer between the ramp, the ground, and the dock. For safe pedestrian access, BHS can add optional hand rails along the length of the ramp.

"Docks can be a bottleneck for some facilities," said Cortinovis. "BHS Ramps keep that from happening. They improve access for better productivity at the loading dock, and we offer a superior class of products."