BHS, Inc. Parallel Reel Payouts Now Available with Self-Adjusting Pull Brake Clamps

May 15, 2018 - St. Louis, MO — BHS, Inc., a leading manufacturer of warehouse and electrical equipment, now offers optional Pull Brake Clamps on its most-popular cable-pulling solution, the Parallel Reel Payout. The newly designed brake includes a drop-down steel arm capped with a neoprene pad to grip the ground. These brakes are entirely self-adjusting, allowing users to ensure stability indoors or outdoors during cable payout — even on some uneven surfaces.

When customers choose this option, the BHS manufacturing team installs four Pull Brake Clamps, one at each corner of the frame. The brakes face the direction of cable payout, safely countering the pull force. The new design locks units to the ground during payout in the warehouse or at an installation site, said Melissa Bowen, of BHS Marketing.

"Floor locks hold units still, period," Bowen said. "And with a Pull Brake Clamp at every corner, this new design provides the key feature of safety plans: multiple layers of redundancy."


Parallel Reel Payouts carry multi-compartment reels of cable for installation at job sites or custom paralleling for electrical suppliers. The new brake design allows users to continue pulling cable shift after shift, while the PRP remains locked into place.

When not in use, Pull Brake Clamps fold neatly back into the frame. This maintains the PRP's narrow footprint, a must for indoor installations in tight aisles.

"Inside wiremen love our Narrow Base models, because they can fit anywhere, and we didn't want to do anything that would require extra clearance," Bowen said. "So the rotating brake clamps give us a more powerful hold without adding to our dimensions."

The new option will replace previous Pull Brake models, product codes PRP-PB1 and PRP-PB2. Parallel Reel Payouts fitted with Pull Brake Clamps are now designated PRP-PB-C.