BHS, Inc. Expands Product Line of Gas Cylinder-Handling Equipment

September 3, 2018 — St. Louis, MO — BHS, Inc., a leading manufacturer of industrial equipment, is growing a popular line of products designed to store and transport compressed gas cylinders. These products meet stringent rules from OSHA and the Compressed Gas Association, while providing users with convenient solutions to the challenges of handling pressurized contents.

"Compressed gas cylinders are special materials, and they need special material handling equipment to keep risks to a minimum," said Melissa Bowen of BHS Marketing. "We'll keep coming up with new cylinder-handling products as long as our customers keep asking for them."

BHS, Inc. manufactures a range of cylinder storage options, built to alleviate the hazards of working with compressed gas. The newest product in this family is the Cylinder Storage Cage (CSC), which secures up to 20 9.5-inch cylinders behind heavy-duty steel doors. Laser-slotted walls provide adequate ventilation, while a flip-up loading ramp simplifies access. Users can transport and reposition the unit with lift trucks, thanks to integrated fork pockets at the base.

Gas users can safely transport cylinders indoors or out with the Cylinder Transporters (CT) and Cylinder Transporter Cages (CTC). Each model features steel construction and a powder-coat finish that resists impacts, scratches, and chemicals to ensure reliability. Retainer bars keep cylinders firmly in place during movement.

For large-volume storage, BHS offers the Cylinder Storehouse. These steel cages include a pitched roof for protection from the elements, and can be moved via forklift.

Expect new products for handling gas cylinders in the near future, said Bowen.

"As heavy equipment manufacturers, we work with compressed gas cylinder every day," she said. "So we're deeply invested in the industry. If we can help make handling cylinders safer and more efficient, we're committed to that."