BHS, Inc. Expands Growing Line of Electrical Equipment with Light Fixture Carts

June 20, 2018 — St. Louis, MO — BHS, Inc., a leading provider of electrical equipment and warehouse solutions, now offers Light Fixture Carts to simplify storage and handling of a particularly awkward component. Light Fixture Cart (LFC-2448)

Light Fixture Carts from BHS cradle 10 standard 4-foot-long light fixtures or twice as many 2-foot-square units within a powder-coated steel frame. Each fixture slides easily into its slot like a sheet pan into a baker's rack. The abrasion-resistant powder coating protects fixtures and racks themselves for long-term, reliable use. Removable lock bars on either side of the unit provide further protection for stock during travel.

"Electrical suppliers have told us they were looking for something just like this and just couldn't find it until now," said Melissa Bowen of BHS, Inc. Marketing. "Light fixtures are notoriously fragile, so they're not easy to move in bulk without breakage. At least, they didn't used to be."

Existing material handling equipment designed for light fixtures often failed to separate one unit from the next, Bowen said. This often resulted in breakage or, in the best-case-scenario, excess packaging that had to be removed at the installation site. Newly designed Light Fixture Carts remove both problems, resulting in faster installations and less product loss.

"Construction electricians have enough to worry about without needing to worry about losing fixtures or opening a bunch of individual boxes," Bowen said.

The frame of the Light Fixture Cart was designed to fit through standard doorways and narrow aisles to move lighting supplies throughout the installation site. Custom options are available.

"This is a highly specialized piece of material handling equipment," Bowen said. "From the casters to the finish, everything on this unit was built for fixtures."