BHS Builds New Offices for Global Division and Domestic Expansion

BHS expands office space for global division, BHS Global, Ltd., as well as North American Sales, Marketing, and Business Development at St. Louis headquarters.

St. Louis, MO – Battery Handling Systems, Inc., or BHS, has recently built additional offices at its headquarters in St. Louis, MO.  The offices were built to accommodate recent and future growth in the Global division and the North American Sales, Marketing, and Business Development departments. BHS’s Marketing Manager, Katy Cortinovis, says the expansion is necessary “to enable BHS to provide the most responsive and personalized service in the industry.”

“The global market for material handling equipment is growing at an incredible rate. BHS is ready to grow with and meet that demand. We are excited to bring American-made products around the globe,” Ms. Cortinovis says about the expansion. She continues to say that the expansion was also intended to accommodate an increase in personnel for BHS’s North American Sales, Marketing and Business Development departments. “The personnel we’ve added in our domestic division are really going to enable each department to become more efficient and specialized,” she says, “Each department will be able to focus more intensely on its specific role so that, as a company, we can provide the most comprehensive and attentive service and support to our clients.”

In the last year, BHS has presented at several international trade shows including CeMAT exhibitions in Germany, Russia, and China as well as Movimat in Brazil. Ms. Cortinovis says the response has been extremely positive: “We have projects going internationally.” Likewise, she affirms that domestic trade shows, like MODEX in Atlanta, GA, have also been extremely fruitful for the North American division and have caused BHS to bring on more personnel to meet increasing domestic demand.

Though the Global division is expanding quickly, BHS has no plans to expand facilities beyond the headquarters in St. Louis, says Ms. Cortinovis, “This is our home. We are proud to be here and will continue to expand here.” She explains further that BHS is also growing in its North American division, hiring new personnel in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development, who are also located in the new office expansion.

The additions to the domestic staff, says Ms. Cortinovis, have allowed BHS to better position itself as a “Total Solution” provider. “The new personnel are helping our whole network be more efficient. In Business Development, we are able to now generate even more sales leads for our dealers and build supplier relationships. In Marketing, we are able to have a larger web presence and increase our support offerings like holding our Service School clinic now 9 times per year. In Sales, we are able to narrow our focus and provide more personalized, attentive support.”

The new offices span more than 1,000 square feet and are equipped with high speed data and communications connections. The additional space increases BHS’s office capacity by 17%. Currently, BHS operates over 128,000 square feet of office and production space.