BHS Announces Additions to Warehouse Equipment Line

July 6, 2015 - St. Louis, Missouri — Battery Handling Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of material handling and battery changing equipment, has announced new additions in its successful line of warehouse products.

“BHS products help warehouse managers improve productivity and storage efficiency while promoting a safer work environment,” said Katy Cortinovis, Marketing Manager at BHS. “We consulted directly with our end users when designing our new equipment, and each product is ideally suited for warehouse applications.”

New products include the forklift reel attachment (model name BHS RHA) and the BHS Parallel Reel Payout (BHS PRP), both of which simplify cable-pulling actions while limiting unnatural repetitive movements. The related Spool Winding Box (BHS SWB) can be mounted to reel take-up machines and counter assemblies for added efficiency when working with multiple cable payouts, and the BHS Electrical Conduit Gauge (BHS CG1) is a reliable conduit measurement tool with laser-engraved details.

The new additions also include equipment designed for shipping, order picking and related tasks, which play a major role in operational efficiency. The BHS SRD (Shipping/Receiving Desk) is an ergonomic shipping and receiving desk with a formed steel frame and vinyl edging, intended for use in a wide variety of applications. A new BHS Order Picking Cart (OPC) line features fork pockets, phenolic casters and durable steel construction.

The BHS HVC (High Value Cart) is a secure cart that protects tools, equipment and valuable materials from theft while still allowing easy access for authorized workers. Heavy-duty versions are available, and all models use phenolic casters for enhanced portability.

Other BHS warehouse products include a conduit carrier cart, bin dumpers, lift tables and heavy-duty structural barriers. More information about BHS warehouse equipment can be found here.

“We’re regularly introducing products to our warehouse equipment line, and we’ve received a very positive response from our vendors and end users,” said Cortinovis. “We focus on quality and look for new ways to help our customers stay productive, and these additions will certainly contribute to our reputation as an innovative manufacturer.”