Battery Handling Systems Now Accepting Mobile Showroom Requests for 2017

December 19, 2016 - St. Louis, Missouri — Battery Handling Systems, Inc (BHS), a leading provider of battery changing and warehouse equipment, is now accepting Mobile Showroom demonstration requests for 2017. Requests can be submitted via a form on the company’s website at

The company’s Mobile Showrooms are large trailers equipped with the latest BHS products and technologies. The trailers travel across the United States, providing dealers and their end users with a first-hand knowledge of BHS equipment functionality.

“Our Mobile Showrooms provide an easy way to explore our products before making an investment,” said Katy Cortinovis, Marketing Manager at BHS. “They’re ideal for showing how superior battery handling and warehouse equipment can make a facility safer, more efficient, and more profitable.”

The company’s showrooms include:

  • The BHS Battery Handling Equipment Mobile Showroom - A 53-foot trailer fitted with an Operator Aboard Battery Extractor with Fleet Tracker, Battery Stands, and Automatic Transfer Carriage, a Battery Transfer Carriage, and many other battery handling tools and accessories.
  • The BHS Warehouse Equipment Mobile Showroom - A 48-foot trailer equipped with an Operator Aboard Battery Extractor with Fleet Tracker, a Scissor Lift Table, a Powered Mobile Lift Table, a Parallel Reel Payout, and many other products from BHS’ fast-growing line of warehouse equipment.

Each trailer is equipped with a self-contained generator, and all equipment is fully functional.

“As every company in the logistics industry knows, it’s one thing to read about equipment, but it’s quite another to see that equipment in action,” said Cortinovis. “Our Mobile Showrooms have been extremely popular with our dealers, as they provide a more compelling sales experience that really emphasizes the advantages of our solutions.”

BHS also offers a virtual tour of the Mobile Showroom on a dedicated website at Mobile Showroom requests should be submitted as soon as possible, as both showrooms were in high demand in 2016.