Battery Handling Systems Announces OSH Compliance Resources for Canadian Logistics Industry

December 19, 2016 — St. Louis, Missouri — Battery Handling Systems (BHS), a leading manufacturer of battery handling and warehouse equipment, introduced several online resources for the Canadian logistics industry.

Two new pages provide detailed information about OSH compliance, providing recommendations for battery handling and warehouse equipment in an effort to help facilities comply with relevant regulations. In Canada, provincial and territorial regulations can vary greatly, but the BHS web pages provide a detailed overview of the laws that commonly affect forklift usage, warehouse design and equipment safety.

The new web pages are part of the company’s ongoing efforts to provide useful resources for its international client base. BHS offers similar pages for the United States, Turkey, and Spain along with battery handling tax incentive information for 10 countries.

“We’ve had an excellent response to our online resource base,” said Katy Cortinovis, Marketing Manager at BHS. “It’s often difficult to stay compliant when buying equipment in the logistics industry, so a centralized resource is quite valuable.”

The pages are intended to provide an overview of relevant regulations and guidelines, rather than an exhaustive list of provincial requirements. One page focuses solely on forklift battery room regulations, while the other page focuses on warehouse equipment and general safety standards. Each provides a simplified list of relevant regulations, which warehouse managers can use when making their purchasing decisions.

“As always, our goal is to make facility outfitting a simple, straightforward process,” said Cortinovis. “Compliance obviously plays a big role, and we’re excited to add this information for our Canadian clients.”

BHS will continue to build its online resources, all of which are accessible through