TT-953: Battery Containment Bar

Tech Tip-953
Models Affected: ATC and WTC models

Battery Containment Bar Secures Battery during Transport


In Spring 2012, BHS introduced several upgrades and improvements to the Automatic Transfer Carriage (ATC) and Walkie Transfer Carriage (WTC) models. The primary improvement was the addition of a drop-down battery containment bar to enclose the battery compartment and secure the battery during transport.

The Battery Containment Bar is constructed from 1-1/4" square tube with a 3/8"-thick
reinforcement bar for added rigidity. It hinges on 3/8' hardware and automatically locks into the fully-raised position, eliminating accidental lowering during the battery change. When closed, both ends of the bar rest in a three-sided receiver for positive engagement, ensuring a solid containment device which will not inadvertently open. Rubber bumpers are installed on the containment bar mounts to protect lift trucks from damage.


Bolt On kits are now available to add the Battery Containment Bar to older units.

More information about the Bolt On Battery Containment Bar kits is available in the Parts Kits section of our website or by contacting the BHS Technical Support Group.

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