Art Storage Carts: Material Handling in the Wall Art Industry

The global wall art industry is having a moment. Print-on-demand technology has expanded available offerings to virtually anything, and the public’s appetite for decoration only seems to be growing. In fact, the wall art market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 7% through 2030, reaching a value of over $97 billion by that year.

Art Storage Carts: Material Handling in the Wall Art Industry

That leaves a lot of new industry players with a fresh set of challenges related to material handling.

You can’t treat a canvas like you would a pallet-load of boxes. Printers, art sellers, and print-on-demand warehouses have special material handling needs — and most warehouse equipment won’t help.

Canvas, paper, and wooden frames are fragile. They’re awkward. Their surfaces need protection from dust and other pollutants. Carts, warehouse shelving, and forklifts aren’t enough to establish efficient throughput with these materials.

Instead, you need storage and material handling equipment designed specifically for canvases and frames. In other words, you need art storage carts.

Here’s how these specialized carts work, and why any facility that handles two-dimensional art needs them.

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What Is an Art Storage Cart?

In the printing and art industry, an art storage cart is a sort of canvas rack on wheels. It consists of a number of thin, vertical storage cubbies, each of which holds a single canvas or framed print.

Think of a studio drying rack, then add casters. That’s the basic design of an art storage cart. However, most of these products store canvases between wire or wooden partitions. That design leaves the art surface open to damage.

Your standard art storage cart is rarely designed for high-throughput operations like a busy warehouse or printing facility. They’re built for light usage. If you’re shipping hundreds of prints per day, you need an industrial solution. Mobile Art Storage Rack

That’s where the Mobile Art Storage Rack from BHS, Inc. can help.

Features to Look for in an Art Storage Cart

The Mobile Art Storage Rack is an art cart designed for industrial facilities. Here are the features that set it apart from the light-duty products you’ll find elsewhere:

  • A steel, powder-coated frame provides a lifetime of heavy service.
  • Non-abrasive cloth compartments protect the full face of your products.
  • Standard models include 24 storage compartments, with custom designs available for even higher-density storage.
  • Heavy warehouse casters improve ergonomics and efficiency during movement.
  • Vertical storage provides high capacity in a limited footprint.

Many art storage racks and carts store canvases horizontally. This design is less space-efficient, and it leaves art surfaces exposed. That places your inventory at risk.

Look for an art storage cart that stores your prints vertically, and provides full-service protection from harsh environments. The Mobile Art Storage Rack checks all these boxes and more.

If your goal is greater throughput, more efficient use of space, and better ergonomics at your print-industry facility, Mobile Art Storage Racks are the solution you’re looking for. Learn more about specialized material handling solutions from BHS, Inc. by calling us at 1.800.247.9500.