Battery Wash Cabinets

The BHS Battery Wash Cabinet (BWC) cleans harmful contaminants from a battery’s surface, which extends the life of the battery and reduces electrical problems in lift trucks. The BWC is available in four models and is constructed with stainless steel for durability. The BWC models offer adjustable wash options and water nozzles, providing quick, efficient cleaning for various battery types.

Use Battery Wash Cabinets for Longer Forklift Battery Life and Better Performance

Forklift batteries are susceptible to electrolyte accumulation for a number of reasons:

  • While batteries charge, acidic vapor drifts onto battery tops.
  • Boil-overs can occur during the charging process, leaving behind residue.
  • Batteries stored on tiered racks can leak onto batteries below them.
  • Battery cases may leak slightly, leading to accumulation over time.

This acidic residue on batteries causes multiple problems that can shorten the lifespan and hinder the performance of the battery. While spot cleaning with AcidSafe Liquid can minimize problems caused by residue, hand cleaning batteries for a large fleet is impractical.

Using a Battery Wash Cabinet ensures that your lift truck batteries receive heavy-duty cleaning that will extend battery performance and longevity. The BWC also automates the washing process, freeing staff for more productive tasks while the battery is serviced. Cleaning forklift batteries in an enclosed cabinet also reduces the likelihood of staff injury due to exposure to electrolyte spray.

Learn More About Battery Wash Cabinets

A one-time investment in a Battery Wash Cabinet will provide a quick ROI by improving the performance and lengthening the life of your lift truck batteries. Contact our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500 to find out more about Battery Wash Cabinets and other Battery Wash Equipment.

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