Year-End Budget Planning: Invest in Electrical Equipment

As the year draws to a close, growing companies may find that they still have the budget for a capital investment or two. The end of the year is a great time to invest in new equipment to make the coming year more productive.

Any operation that depends on electrical work, whether that’s in the construction industry, the electrical supply business, or for-hire electrical contracting, has a unique end-of-year opportunity to build an “electrical equipment wish list.”

You might already have the tools you need to work to get by, but who couldn’t use a productivity boost? Here are a few pieces of electrical equipment that can make the job much easier for contractors as well as supply houses:

  1. Conduit Carrier Cart

    The deeper into a new circuit installation you go, the further you have to carry your materials. The Conduit Carrier Cart (CC) removes the strain from the process of transporting conduit.

  2. Parallel Reel Payout

    Many electrical supply houses now offer custom paralleling as a value-added service. Nothing simplifies this common task like the multiple, free-spinning reels of the Parallel Reel Payout (PRP) from BHS.

    Store up to five individual wheels for different types of cabling. The smooth powder coating ensures your stock will stay new and dent-free. Optional castors and integrated fork pockets make this device easy to transport, even to the job itself.

  3. Electrical Conduit Gauge

    How much clearance do you really have within a length of conduit? Find out with the Electrical Conduit Gauge (CG1). This sturdy steel measuring tool accurately measures the inside diameter of all types of conduit.

    Measurements are clearly marked with laser engravings. A half-inch hole in the base makes for easy storage. Every electrical contractor should carry one of these in their toolkit.

    Trade publication Electrical Contractor recommends carrying “measuring devices” with you at all times. That may refer to a tape measure, but it should also include the Electrical Conduit Gauge, without which electricians might not know how much wire they can pull through a given piece of conduit.

With tax breaks and the new year’s budget on the way, year’s end is an ideal time to invest in the equipment that will save you time in the future. Safe, time-saving electrical equipment can shave time off of every job, adding to higher productivity and better profits over the course of the year.

All of the products in the growing BHS line of electrical equipment were designed specifically for electricians. Custom designs are also available for specialized applications. When you’re ready for an end-of-year splurge, find out what electrical equipment from BHS can do for your business.