TT-959: Proper ATC Vertical Alignment

Tech Tip-959: Proper ATC Vertical AlignmentModels Affected: All ATC Units

The importance of proper vertical alignment of the Automatic Transfer Carriage (ATC) battery compartment with the truck or stand


The most common mistake made while operating an ATC is improper vertical alignment of the ATC roller bed with the stand or truck roller bed. If the ATC is too low as a battery is being pulled onto it, the battery will “dive” into the compartment once the midpoint of the battery is pulled past the last roller of the higher compartment. This can result in damage to the rollers and axles and possibly the extractor arm. In order to avoid these issues, it is important to ensure the roller beds are properly aligned before the battery is transferred.

If the ATC is equipped with vacuum or magnet extraction, it is important to ensure alignment is correct prior to engaging the vacuum or magnet to the battery. Adjusting the height of the ATC after the vacuum cup or magnet is attached to the battery can result in damage to the mounting hardware, the magnet or vacuum cup, and/or the extractor arm.


All ATC operators should read and understand the Automatic Transfer Carriage (ATC) Parts and Service Manual prior to operation. BHS also offers an operational video online as a visual supplement to the manual. As always, contact the BHS Tech Support team or your local Dealer with any questions or for a replacement manual.

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