TT-939: Battery Extractor Service Stands

Tech Tip-939
Models Affected: BE-SL, DS, TS, & QS models

Using Battery Extractor Service Stands when Servicing an Operator Aboard Battery Extractor


The correct set of Battery Extractor Service Stands is essential when performing maintenance on a BHS Operator Aboard Battery Extractor (BE).

Some maintenance tasks, and possible repairs, will require the technician to work from underneath the inner carriage. To do so safely, the carriage must be secured in a raised position. BHS offers Battery Extractor Service Stands specifically designed for each BE model to securely support the inner carriage. BHS also offers Equalization (EQ) Chain Adjustment Stops which are designed to hold the inner carriage level with the outer frame at all four corners to allow for proper EQ chain adjustment.


There are kits available for servicing each BE model. Battery Extractor Service Stand Master Kits include the BE Service Stands, EQ Adjustment Stops, and a permanently anchored storage rack to hold both sets. The Master Kits are ideal for installation in the battery room, keeping the stands neatly organized and allowing for quick access when needed.

More information about Battery Extractor Service Stand Master Kits can be found in the Parts Kits section of our website. Contact your local BHS dealer or the BHS Technical Support Group for help selecting the correct kit for your BE unit.

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