TT-937: Replacement Vacuum Cup Options

Tech Tip-937: Replacement Vacuum Cup Options
Models Affected: All Vacuum-Equipped Operator Aboard Battery Extractors and Battery Carriages

BHS has added a 10” diameter, three-piece cup to the available vacuum cup replacement options. Three-piece cups allow for simpler and more cost-efficient replacement. They are now standard on all vacuum-equipped units.


Effective January 2013, BHS made available a 10”, three-piece vacuum cup assembly (part# 00162004). This new cup is identical to the 12” design, utilizing a cast aluminum backing plate, replaceable rubber seal, and painted steel front plate all held together with eight flat-head screws. The three-piece cup allows for replacement of just the rubber seal, substantially lowering replacement costs. The three-piece cup also provides increased pulling capacity compared to the one-piece cup.

In lieu of the one-piece cup, all units requiring a 10” vacuum cup will have a 10” three-piece cup beginning January 21, 2013. The ATC-30, 36 & 42 units will begin shipping with 12” three-piece cups in lieu of the one-piece cups at this time as well.

The 12” three-piece cup is currently standard equipment for Operator Aboard Battery Extractor models with vacuum extraction (unless otherwise specified).


As of April, 2015 the one-piece 12” vacuum cup (part #P0110) will no longer be available. The 12” three-piece cup must be utilized for all applications requiring a 12” cup.

All BHS vacuum cups feature the same mounting pattern so that any of the three available cups can be used on any BHS vacuum-equipped extractor.

For more information on vacuum cup replacement, reference previous Tech Tips TT-901 and TT-913.

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