TT-911: Collector Trolley Alignment

Tech Tip-911: Collector Trolley Alignment
Models Affected: All Energy Rail Powered Equipment

Proper installation and maintenance of the energy rail, collector trolley, and tow arm.


Proper alignment of the tow arm and collector trolley with the energy rail is critical and should be inspected regularly. Improper alignment of the trolley/tow arm with the energy rail will cause side loading of the trolley resulting in uneven brush wear. This uneven wear will result in premature failure of the brushes which could cause intermittent machine operation requiring replacement of the brushes or collector trolley.


The tow arm and collector trolley must be properly aligned with the energy rail.

For the Aeromotive Energy Rail, check the tow arm and collector trolley on a regular basis to ensure proper height alignment. Verify the hardware is secure and that the tow arm is not bent. Inspect trolley alignment with the energy rail by slowly driving the Battery Extractor the length of the system while checking that the collector trolley remains in-line with the conductor housings. Adjust the collector trolley/tow arm mounting or energy rail as required. Note that a straight energy rail is not necessarily properly aligned. Variances in floor levelness may require the energy rail to be adjusted to align with the trolley in some areas.

For the Vahle Energy Rail, the collector trolley is self-aligning when the tow arm is properly mounted. It should be inspected regularly to confirm proper height alignment, as well as ensuring the tow arm does not push against the trolley or become detached from the trolley while driving the machine.

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