The BHS Optima Mobile App for BHS Dealers

BHS Optima collects a rich treasury of tools and resources for dealers into one, easy-to-access portal. In the past, members of the valued BHS Dealer Network had access to sales and marketing resources from the manufacturer — as long as they knew where to look.

They might get product catalogs from their Inside Sales Account Manager, or visit for detailed accounts of standards, regulations, and other technical problems that BHS products help to solve. They might even fill out an online form requesting a visit from any of three BHS Mobile Showrooms, each one dedicated to one of the main product families produced by BHS (Battery Handling, Material Handling, and Electrical Equipment).

Optima makes all of these resources better by making them more accessible. With the mobile app, dealers can pull up the full BHS Image Gallery on their mobile device during a site visit with a potential client. They can even help customers register their new purchases for the manufacturer’s warranty, request new products, and contact the BHS team directly, 24/7 — all with one mobile device.

BHS Optima services designed for dealers include the following:

  • All the Forms You Need to Complete the Sale

    BHS Optima is pre-loaded with Information Request Forms, Sales Catalogs, eStore access, and our Product Request Forms — including order forms for Custom Equipment. Thanks to this centralization, dealers can take decision makers from the research stage to the final purchase on a single mobile device.

  • Product Videos and Images

    Potential customers like to see equipment in action early and often. This can be a challenge when you’re far from the showroom floor, say, during a sales trip, conference, or site visit.

    BHS Optima provides one-click access to our expanding library of product images and videos. Don’t just tell your customers about a particular BHS solution; show them.

  • Direct Access to BHS Experts

    Occasionally, a customer will ask a question you just can’t answer. That’s when it’s helpful to call a friend — in this case, the BHS Technical Support Group. You can call our 24-hour hotline, send an email, or chat from directly within the app.

Of course, this is a partial list, and it always will be. The BHS team is constantly developing new tools, whether that’s a series of site-visit surveys dealers can work through with their customers or new ways of contacting the BHS Technical Support Group at any hour of the day or night.

These tools are investments in the relationship between BHS and every member of their Dealer Network. Working with BHS, after all, is a partnership, not a delivery. As the BHS marketers and technicians devise new ways to share the benefits of this equipment, they will make them available through BHS Optima.

That makes the mobile app a one-stop resource that will grow with the company — and yours. Download BHS Optima today.