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Mobile Wash Stations Solve Problems for Forklift Battery Dealers, Fleet Operators

May 9, 2018 – St. Louis, MO — BHS, Inc., a leading provider of forklift battery handling equipment and warehouse solutions, announced the release of a battery wash station that is completely self-contained. The new unit packs a stainless steel cabinet and two 120-gallon water tanks onto a single mobile frame. Users fill the first tank with clean water, then bring the self-contained Mobile Wash Station (MWS-47-WT-SS) to the battery storage area. During the wash, the station collects all wastewater and splashback, routing fluids into the second tank for clean, off-site treatment and disposal. This design was inspired by battery dealers, who have historically struggled to provide on-site battery wash services in facilities that don’t have water supplies or drains… Continue Reading