Protecting Inventory and Tools With High Value Carts

From power tools and gas canisters to high-capacity printer cartridges, valuable items need to stay protected on the work site. Unfortunately, many businesses have trouble balancing security with accessibility.

Every business that depends on high-value items can protect its investments with a secure storage cart. Industries that utilize multiple worksites have a prominent need for mobile storage, and high-value carts can protect tools and inventory while still providing convenient access to qualified employees.

This paper article will examine the various applications of the BHS High Value Cart (HVC) within several specific industries, including construction, office management, landscaping, and warehousing, and demonstrate some of the advantages of the HVC as compared to other secure storage equipment. This is not a comprehensive list — any business that requires portable storage for high-value items can enjoy similar benefits.

  1. High Value Carts in the Construction Industry
  2. The ability to move secure industrial storage carts from one jobsite to the next is extraordinarily valuable in the construction industry. Tool theft is a major source of operational inefficiencies for construction firms, and keeping tools locked up on site is the best way to eliminate this significant cause of revenue loss.

    Secure storage cart for equipment HVC

    Figure 1. The BHS High Value Cart (HVC) is a portable and secure storehouse for valuable tools and items.

    One study, published in the Journal of Construction Engineering & Management in 2005, found that 41 percent of the construction firms surveyed had been victims of tool theft. The average cost of each incident of tool theft was $1,617 — nearly $2,000 in purchasing power when adjusted for inflation.

    Theft prevention equipment can therefore result in a sizable return on investment, especially when tools need to move between work areas. The BHS HVC is an ideal solution for construction firms thanks to the following features:

    • Solid, heavy-duty steel construction
    • Powerful shelving with a 5,000 pound weight capacity to handle heavy tools
    • Fork pockets allow transportation via forklift
    • Various sizes to accommodate larger or smaller tools
    • Large phenolic wheels for easy maneuverability without causing floor damage

    The HVC offers a simple means of organization, which can improve project efficiency and reduce turnaround times. Its rugged construction allows for deployment in unfinished or partially finished environments, and it can be easily moved offsite at the end of every workday for additional security.

  3. Secure Storage in the Office
  4. In 2014, ABC News reported that employee theft cost companies more than $50 billion dollars per annum. Contributing to this staggering figure is the thriving black market for stolen printer cartridges, which can cost over $250 each according to a report in USA Today. Prior to his arrest in 2012, one office thief set up a lucrative scheme that earned in excess of $1.5 million.

    Other office products may carry a similar risk of theft if they are removable, valuable, and concealable. Examples include computer components such as USB drives, keyboards, software, and even entire computer system units. While video surveillance and electronic monitoring can dissuade thieves, the most cost-effective way to protect assets is to restrict access through a secure storage area.

    With adjustable shelf placement, heavy-duty hasp locks, and rugged steel construction, the BHS HVC provides an ideal location for toner cartridges and other valuable office supplies. It offers aesthetically attractive storage with long-term durability, and can provide a better means of organization in crowded supply rooms. Phenolic casters protect floors and allow the entire unit to be easily transported between rooms and floors.

  5. Using High Value Carts to Protect Landscaping Equipment
  6. Many landscaping firms treat occasional tool theft as a planned expense. Landscapers depend on hand tools and powered equipment, all of which is vulnerable to theft, especially when stored in open-bed work trucks. While trucks can be equipped with secure toolboxes, larger tools can still be susceptible to theft, and when workers transport tools to different parts of the job site, tools become more available to thieves.

    A 2011 survey of business owners conducted by industry publication Landscaping Management shows that:

    • Over half of the respondents noticed an increase in theft from 2008 to 2011.
    • Most of the business owners surveyed said they keep specific procedures in place to reduce employee theft, with only 24 percent lacking theft-prevention programs.
    • Most respondents (86 percent) recovered less than a quarter of the equipment that was stolen from them.

    The BHS HVC is well suited to larger landscaping jobs, as it can be transferred to different parts of the work site easily (typically via forklift). The HVC is also an excellent option for on-site storage at a landscaping firm’s headquarters, where it can protect against targeted theft (along with video surveillance, access controls and other appropriate security measures).

  7. Secure Storage Carts in the Warehouse or Distribution Center
  8. The BHS HVC is an ideal secured storage device for every part of the supply chain, beginning with the warehouse or distribution center. It is a highly portable storage system, with a push bar and high-capacity casters for easy maneuverability.

    Even fully loaded with its maximum 5,000 pound weight limit, the BHS HVC is easy to transport or reposition. Built-in fork pockets allow you to use your existing forklift fleet to move the HVC, while the phenolic casters can be used to transport lighter loads across shorter distances.

    Other features that make the BHS HVC especially well-suited to the warehousing industry include:

    • High weight limits to accommodate heavy tools or electronics
    • Adjustable steel shelving
    • A push bar for added manual mobility
    • Adequate space to fit a variety of tools, equipment, and/or personal valuables

    The BHS High Value Cart is a durable and dependable choice, ideally suited for long-term use in a variety of industrial environments. Metal screens allow staff to see items on shelves without opening the enclosure, for easy inventory before and after shifts.

Any workplace that contains high-value items is vulnerable to financial losses. Theft prevention starts with reliable storage, and the BHS High Value Cart offers an excellent set of features with superior craftsmanship.


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