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VCM Vertical Charger Mount

Vertical Charger Mount


The Vertical Charger Mount (VCM) attaches securely to a charger stand or racking to accommodate chargers that more typically mount to walls. This allows greater freedom of location for battery chargers, and is particularly useful in park and charge applications.

No matter where you install the VCM, the unit’s heavy-duty steel construction and acid-resistant powder coating protect your charging apparatus throughout its entire working life. Store chargers at the ends of racks, above ground-level, to reduce the likelihood of forklift strikes. Properly located, a VCM can help comply with OSHA standard 1926.441(b)(2), which states that “Charging apparatus shall be protected from damage by trucks.”

Choose between two Vertical Charger Mount models: The VCM-1 supports a single charger, while the VCM-2 holds two chargers firmly within a single unit. They both feature the same combination of steel and powder-coat finish that makes them ideal for the environment of the forklift battery room.

The VCM is only one of the solutions BHS provides for storing wall-mount battery chargers. Freestanding units, Vertical Charger Stands, provide placement for chargers anywhere in the facility. The VCM is the best choice for attaching charging equipment directly to racks. When you need to place chargers away from racking, choose Vertical Charger Stands instead.

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  • Heavy-duty construction for added reliability
  • Charger mounting holes for securing most makes of chargers
  • Frees up valuable floor space
  • VCM-1 (Mounts one charger)
  • VCM-2 (Mounts two chargers)