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BS-TS Triple Stack System Stands

Triple Stack System Stands


BHS Triple Stack System Stands (BS-TS) provide the ideal location to charge, store, and exchange lift truck batteries with convenience and ease. These heavy-duty, steel-constructed stands complement a Triple Stack Operator Aboard Battery Extractor.

The BS-TS features a welded steel frame with powder coat finish to resist scratches and corrosion in a harsh battery room environment. A rearward pitch and flip-up battery stop keep batteries secure even if heavy vibrations rattle them.

Battery beds feature poly-sleeved rollers that prevent sparking and reduce corrosive buildup. Multiple safety features protect staff members while the ergonomic design allows them to efficiently charge batteries. Over a dozen compartment configurations, safety features, and other options are available to provide custom solutions for your operation.

Optimize your battery room with a Triple Stack System Stand from BHS. Contact our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500 to learn more about BHS System Stands or to locate a dealer.

  • Spark-proof, poly-sleeved rollers reduce corrosive build-up and extend product life
  • Models available in various compartment widths to accommodate batteries from 15” to 48” (381 mm to 1219 mm)
  • 40” (1016 mm) standard compartment depth
  • Hitch pin-secured roller axles for ease of maintenance
  • Rearward-pitched battery slots to assist in battery retention
  • Welded system feet
  • Six rollers per compartment
  • Foot pad dimensions: 0.75” x 6” x 8” (19 mm x 152 mm x 203 mm)
  • Charger connector mounting holes
  • Charger cable routing holes help protect cables from damage
  • Charger anchoring slots for securing most makes of chargers
  • Auxiliary backstops provide compartment depths from 27.5” to 40” (699 mm to 1016 mm)
  • Custom designs available to fit all battery changing requirements
Catwalk (BS-CW)
Provides walk area for charger maintenance and comes standard with front rail
Ladder (BS-LDR)
Provides easy access to catwalk used for charger maintenance
End Rail (BS-CW-ER)
Encloses charger servicing area on end of system
Rear Rail (BS-CW-RR)
Encloses charger servicing area on rear of system
Extended Compartment Depth (-46)
Increases roller compartment depth to 46” (1168 mm)
Extended Compartment Depth (-48)
Increases roller compartment depth to 48” (1219 mm)
Extended Compartment Depth (-50)
Increases roller compartment depth to 50” (1270 mm)
Drip Pan (DP)
Contains spills, maintaining a cleaner, safer environment
Poly Lead Roller
Replaces the first roller in each compartment with a polyethylene roller to eliminate potential bearing failure in frequent change-out environments
Rubber Backstop (BS-RBR-STP)
Cushions battery during placement into stand
Note: One per compartment required, slightly reduces compartment depth
Sliding SB Connector Kit (#80892001)
Allows SB connector to be moved and secured anywhere along the length of the SB connector bracket
  • BS-15-6-TS (Six 15″ wide compartments)
  • BS-15-12-TS (Twelve 15″ wide compartments)
  • BS-18-6-TS (Six 18″ wide compartments)
  • BS-18-12-TS (Twelve 18″ wide compartments)
  • BS-21-6-TS (Six 21″ wide compartments)
  • BS-21-12-TS (Twelve 21″ wide compartments)
  • BS-24-6-TS (Six 24″ wide compartments)
  • BS-24-12-TS (Twelve 24″ wide compartments)
  • BS-30-3-TS (Three 30″ wide compartments)
  • BS-30-6-TS (Six 30″ wide compartments)
  • BS-36-3-TS (Three 36″ wide compartments)
  • BS-36-6-TS (Six 36″ wide compartments)
  • BS-42-3-TS (Three 42″ wide compartments)
  • BS-42-6-TS (Six 42″ wide compartments)
  • BS-48-3-TS (Three 48″ wide compartments)
  • BS-48-6-TS (Six 48″ wide compartments)