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CSS Compartment Slide Strip

Compartment Slide Strip


Install Compartment Slide Strips (CSS) in forklift battery compartments to simplify the process of changing batteries in side-extraction fleets. These high-density slide strips are ideal for converting forklift battery compartments from overhead- to side-extraction.

The CSS is made of UHMW, or high-performance polyethylene, which is resistant to concentrated acids and corrosive chemicals like those found in forklift battery rooms. In addition to its corrosion resistance, this material is incredibly tough, with an extremely high impact strength. BHS Compartment Slide Strips have a minimum capacity of 1,800 pounds per strip. Welded Slide Strips feature higher capacities of 2,000 pounds per strip.

UHMW is a very low-friction material that is self-lubricating and resistant to abrasion. These properties make the CSS ideal for battery change-outs, allowing staff to replace forklift batteries with a minimum of friction. Choose the standard CSS, which bolts into battery compartments, or CSS-W models, which include side plates for tack welding into place.

Learn about how BHS Compartment Roller Trays and Compartment Slide Strips can simplify battery changes by calling the BHS sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500.

  • CSS models bolt into the forklift truck’s battery compartment
  • CSS-W models weld into the forklift truck’s battery compartment

Note: CSS are sold in sets of two strips with mounting hardware. CSS-W are sold as individual strips.

  • CSS (Slide Strip Kit, Two 38.5″ L Slide Strips with Mounting Hardware)
  • CSS-30W (Slide Strip with Metal Frame, 30″ Length)
  • CSS-38W (Slide Strip with Metal Frame, 38″ Length)