4 Reasons Powder Coating is the Best Choice

Powder coating is a form of painting using electrostatically charged powdered pigments. The charged pigment is attracted to the grounded components. After spraying, the components are heat-treated, which liquefies the powder and creates a smooth, even film that bonds with the component surfaces. This technology has been in use for more than 60 years and provides many benefits over traditional liquid paint. Powder coating is the best choice for BHS manufacturing because it efficiently produces a high-quality, precisely applied, durable finish.

Here are four reasons why powder coating is the best choice:

  1.  Powder coating is more environmentally friendly.

    • Low-to-no Volatile Organic Compounds or Hazardous Air Pollutants
    • Overspray can be reclaimed and reused and most pigments are landfill-friendly
    • Air used in the coating process can be filtered and safely exhausted back into the production space
    • Operators need far less personal protective equipment

  2.  Powder coating delivers more consistent, quality results with less waste.

    • More even coverage in a shorter amount of time
    • Not prone to dripping and sagging
    • Better edge coverage
    • Uses less raw material to cover the same area adequately and evenly

  3.  Powder coating has a speedier finishing process.

    • Faster turnaround time for color changes
    • Shorter cure times
    • Components can be stored much closer together during curing for higher throughput and efficient scheduling
    • Less likely to need additional coats or touchups

  4.  Powder coating provides a more durable finished surface.

    • More acid resistant
    • Can better stand up to tough tasks without chipping or scratching
    • Resists fading
    • Requires fewer after-market touchups

The benefits of powder coating compared to liquid painting are clear. Powder coating can be a more efficient and economical process. It produces a more durable finish and is less harmful to the environment and operators. Powder coating is the best choice because it allows each piece to have a high quality finish that is precisely and efficiently applied.