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The Forklift Battery Puller: When to Upgrade from Manual to Powered

March 25, 2020

Every facility that utilizes electric forklifts needs to carefully consider the costs associated with forklift battery pullers. For operations with one or two lift trucks, that’s not an especially difficult process; simple manual battery pullers can handle changeouts somewhat efficiently and keep workers on the floor. As an operation grows, however, the costs associated with forklift battery changes starts to… Continue Reading


A Conduit Rack Comparison: Cantilever or Vertical?

February 26, 2020

There are as many ways to store conduit pipe as there are electrical distributors. You might leave a bundle of RMC wedged between bollards, for instance, but it wouldn’t be safe to let it roll all over the place. At any rate, a conduit rack is always better than a loose storage option. There are two main categories of conduit… Continue Reading


Vertical Sheet Racks for Warehousing and Materials Storage

February 19, 2020

Lumber yards, steel manufacturers, and construction shops have to store large supplies of sheet material. It may be sheet metal, drywall, plywood or other sheet woods, or even plastic panels; the storage hazards remain similar. And where labor and material handling equipment is limited, the safest way to store these items is with a vertical sheet rack. Alternative storage options… Continue Reading


MODEX 2020: How to Get the Most Out of the Year’s Biggest Supply Chain Trade Show

January 29, 2020

MODEX 2020, the next edition of MHI’s bi-yearly trade show for supply chain industries, will take place March 9-12 at Antlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center. A team from BHS will attend, as we have in previous years. In fact, we’ve been presenting at and/or attending every MODEX (in even years) and PROMAT (the sister show, also hosted by MHI, occuring… Continue Reading


OSHA 1926.441: What to Know About OSHA’s Standard for Battery Charging in Construction

January 22, 2020

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards address battery charging areas in the construction industry in OSHA 1926.441, a rule on “batteries and battery charging.” For the same topic in general industry (as opposed to construction alone), the relavent standard is OSHA 1910.178(g), which we’ve covered extensively — here, for instance. Compared to the battery room standards for general… Continue Reading


Reel Jack Stands and How to Handle Cable Reels Without Them

January 15, 2020

Are reel jack stands necessary? Reel jack stands are the prevalent technology used for cable pulls, and for good reason. They’re relatively economical, easy enough to handle, and they usually get the job done. Electricians position stands beneath the reel, jack the reel hooks upward to clear the ground, and pull. But in this era of technological revolution, is this… Continue Reading


How a Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table Can Save Money and Boost Productivity

January 8, 2020

A hydraulic scissor lift table is a multi-function ergonomic solution with clear benefits for manufacturers, warehousing operations, and other industrial applications. Employers provide lift tables for a variety of tasks, including safer work positioning, line feeding, manual assembly, and even picking orders. Of course, no investment in equipment is justified without proving a return. Scissor lift tables lower operational costs… Continue Reading


5 Parcel Locker Uses for Industrial Distributors

December 26, 2019

Electronic parcel lockers are all around us, whether we’ve started using them or not. With the rise of e-commerce, many consumers are looking for a secure, convenient pickup location for their orders. The parcel locker fills that niche. These units are much more than simple secure storage. They provide a simple way for recipients to pick up orders 24/7, without… Continue Reading


OSHA Lockout Tagout Standards in the Forklift Battery Room

December 18, 2019

OSHA lockout tagout standards are crucial protections for workers who use heavy machinery. According to one OSHA fact sheet, compliance with federal safety rules on “control of hazardous energy” stop 50,000 injuries from taking place every year. Even more importantly, they save an estimated 10 lives per month. Forklift battery rooms are a prime example of areas where lockout/tagout procedures… Continue Reading


What Is a Parcel Locker and How Can It Help Your Business?

December 17, 2019

Parcel lockers are bulkstorage units with multiple lockable compartments, designed to facilitate delivery and collection of orders at any time of the day or night. This 24/7 accessibility makes parcel lockers a powerful tool in an era of increasing e-commerce. A customer can order an item online, for instance, and travel to a nearby parcel locker to retrieve their order…. Continue Reading