May Is Electrical Safety Month: 3 Ways for Wholesalers to Participate

Every May, Electrical Safety Month raises awareness about particular safety issues related to electricity in North American homes and workplaces. But what exactly is Electrical Safety Month? More officially known as National Electrical Safety Month, this campaign is sponsored by the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), a nonprofit that works to expand knowledge about preventing electrical fires, injuries, and worse.

May Is Electrical Safety Month_ 3 Ways for Wholesalers to Participate

National Electrical Safety Month has the full support of the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA), which publishes a range of safety standards including NFPA 70®: The National Electric Code®. So National Electrical Safety Month is a verified, well-known awareness campaign in the electrical safety world.

In May of 2022, ESFI will focus on the safe use of newer sustainable technologies like electrical vehicles, their chargers, and solar panels. This theme is called “Connected to Safety,” and to spread their message, ESFI will provide a collection of resources, event-planning tools, and fact sheets related to the topic (find those here). For distributors of electrical materials, that just leaves one question: How can you get involved?

Here are a few ideas for ways wholesalers can participate in National Electrical Safety Month this May and in Mays to follow.

3 Ways for Electrical Wholesalers to Celebrate National Electrical Safety Month

1. Share National Electrical Safety Month materials from EFSI with staff.

National Electrical Safety Month is devoted to raising awareness, and electrical wholesalers are uniquely positioned to share that knowledge. Set an industry example by starting at home, educating staff from the warehouse to the sales floor on the information EFSI compiles to improve electrical safety in the workplace.

For May 2022, consider adding this infographic about energy resilience to internal email newsletters or message boards—or just print it out and post it in the breakroom. You could take the same approach with this fact sheet on energy storage systems—or, to highlight the risks of the electrical industry, share these statistics about electrical injuries in the workplace.

2. Promote equipment that improves workplace safety for electricians.

Electrical safety starts with electricians—who start with the tools and equipment wholesalers provide. And while your customers know the ins and outs of the NEC and electrical safety during installations, they may not consider a secondary jobsite risk: Work-related musculoskeletal disorders associated with electrical material handling.

May is a terrific month to take a broader look at safety for electricians, and wholesalers can participate by promoting the electrical material carts, wire and cable handling equipment, and utility access tools that improve ergonomics—and therefore workplace safety—for your customers.

Instead of shipping loads of cable on reels alone, try sending them pre-loaded onto Parallel Reel Payouts, Parallel Reel Payout Wagons, or Reel Stands. This creates a full delivered solution, which reduces material handling risks while allowing electricians to get to work straightaway, rolling their materials right to the installation site. Pre-loaded Conduit Carrier Carts and Tilting Elevator Conduit Carrier Carts create a delivered solution for rigid conduit, while Light Fixture Carts do the same for a traditionally awkward product.

3. Evaluate your current collection of safety equipment, lockout/tagout supplies, and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Are you currently offering all the safety equipment your customers need? May is a great month to review your catalog and find out. If necessary, update your orders of insulated gloves and clothing, NEC-approved PPE, and lockout/tagout signage. National Electrical Safety Month may also be a good time to run promotions on these and other safety products.

Electrical safety is a core concern for the industry all year round. But the heightened awareness of May’s Electrical Safety Month reminds us all to keep these considerations top of mind—including workplace safety topics like ergonomics. For help choosing electrical material handling equipment, or building delivered solutions for your customers, contact the BHS sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500.