Customize Order Picking Carts for Unique Applications

Order Picking Carts (OPC) from BHS provide simple material handling for order picking and other industrial tasks. However, sometimes clients need special modifications of these heavy-duty steel carts in order to meet a unique workplace challenge. That’s why BHS offers full customization for OPCs. Engineers at BHS design carts from the ground up to fit into highly specific applications at the customer’s request.

Unlike many providers of warehouse equipment, BHS strives to accommodate clients who need custom equipment. The manufacturing team at BHS constructs products to order at their 138,000 square-foot campus in St. Louis, Missouri. This gives them the freedom to customize products, including the Order Picking Cart, down to the invention of entirely new types of material handling equipment.

Here are a few examples of the types of customization options that BHS has completed for Order Picking Carts in the past: Customize-Order-Picking-Carts-for-Unique-Applications

  1. Non-Skid Surfaces on Shelves

    The OPC was initially designed to assist with zone, batch, and/or wave picking in warehouses and distribution centers. Some users need to push carts up and down ramps at heavy grades, though, which could cause items to slip. The solution? Non-skid surfaces for every shelf.

  2. Custom Caster Designs

    Most Order Picking Carts ship with two fixed and two swiveling casters for easy handling. However, some applications benefit from poly casters, and others need special arrangements for rough terrain.

  3. Extra Shelving

    Custom shelving arrangements are among the most common alterations BHS manufacturers create. Choose as many shelves as necessary for a given application.

  4. Adjustable Shelving

    When you need extra versatility, ask for adjustable shelving options on your OPC. With fully adjustable and removable shelves, your carts will be ready to handle anything in the facility.

  5. Flatbed Design

    The opposite extreme is to eliminate shelves altogether, creating a powerful steel flatbed truck for larger, heavier items.

  6. Caged Shelving Sides

    Some users prefer caged sides on their Order Picking Carts, often to support pick-to carton applications or sorting bins. The OPC with caged sides provides a heavy-duty alternative to flimsy wire carts.

  7. Custom Color Powder Coatings

    All Order Picking Carts from BHS are constructed out of steel with a durable powder coating. This finish is resistant to acid, scratches, and impacts to greatly lengthen the working life of equipment. While standard models ship with an OSHA safety yellow finish, customers can request other shades to match their own branding or other considerations.

  8. Custom Dimensions

    Finally, these carts can be built in any size. BHS can manufacture carts with slim profiles to easily navigate extremely narrow aisles, or much-larger carts for heavy-duty material handling. Order Picking Carts are designed to be highly specific solutions for unique material handling challenges.

  9. Stainless Steel Construction

    Uncoated stainless steel is the material of choice for equipment in food processing facilities and other sensitive environments, such as health care operations. A stainless steel OPC is the ideal way to transport bulk ingredients through the production line or medical supplies to the bedside.

Custom Warehouse Equipment with Durable Steel Construction

Order Picking Carts from BHS typically include integrated fork pockets for transportation via forklift. Standard shelves have a shallow lip on three sides to contain contents. And non-customized OPCs ship with four shelves, spaced at nearly 18 inches.

However, any and all of these features are negotiable. The above list of customization options is by no means exhaustive. If you can dream it up, engineers and manufacturers at BHS can make it out of industrial-grade steel. When you have a tough task and you can’t find the material handling equipment that matches the job, contact the BHS sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500.