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CNC Machining Means Precision and Efficiency

Computer Numerical Control, or CNC, machining is an umbrella term to describe various machining processes that are conducted by inputting data into a computer that controls the actual machining equipment. The computer uses software – often designed specifically for a certain object or task – to control the tool’s operation and track the raw material’s attributes. The computer controls and tracks things like feed rate, tool positioning, and orientation of the material while also precisely controlling how the tool manipulates the material. Numerically controlled tools were in use before contemporary computing existed, but the technology has exploded with advances in computing. CNC machining has allowed production facilities in many industries to streamline their fabrication and manufacturing processes and produce exact…more

Quality, Efficiency, Reliability: Reviewing Our Successes in 2014

2014 was an exciting year for us. We had many successes including launching new products, improving manufacturing processes, and starting several new development initiatives. In 2014, our entire team maintained our focus on providing the highest quality, most reliable, and most efficient products and services in the industry. Our successes would not have been possible without the dedication of the entire BHS team and our Dealer Network. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in making our success happen! Check out our 2014 Year-in-Review video for a look at our many shared accomplishments.

4 Reasons Powder Coating is the Best Choice

Powder coating is a form of painting using electrostatically charged powdered pigments. The charged pigment is attracted to the grounded components. After spraying, the components are heat-treated, which liquefies the powder and creates a smooth, even film that bonds with the component surfaces. This technology has been in use for more than 60 years and provides many benefits over traditional liquid paint. Powder coating is the best choice for BHS manufacturing because it efficiently produces a high-quality, precisely applied, durable finish. Here are four reasons why powder coating is the best choice:  Powder coating is more environmentally friendly. Low-to-no Volatile Organic Compounds or Hazardous Air Pollutants Overspray can be reclaimed and reused and most pigments are landfill-friendly Air used in…more

Manufacturing Innovation: The Theme for 2015

2015 could be a big year for US manufacturing because of projected reshoring, growth, and investment in manufacturing innovation. Recent market research indicates that 2015 may bring manufacturing and production functions for many companies back to the US from overseas. According to a 2014 study conducted by the MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation, “13.5 percent of U.S. manufacturing companies have reported that they have already made a decision to move some manufacturing activities back to the U.S.” The study also showed that another 18 percent are “considering” the prospect. This reshoring is potentially a huge boon for the US economy. Additionally, recent projections by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) and the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI)…more

Bundle Up: Preparing the Warehouse for Winter

Winter weather can have a huge and costly impact on warehouse operations. Having a winter preparedness strategy for your warehouse will help your facility stay on track with safety and productivity. Top winter safety concerns in the warehouse include temperature control, infrastructure maintenance, dry surfaces, airflow, lighting, sealing and weatherproofing, and personnel care. We’ve compiled a list of area-specific winter safety tips to get you thinking about preparing your warehouse for winter. Planning Before bad weather hits, walk through the facility to evaluate potential risks. Create winter preparedness strategies based on problems in previous years and potential trouble spots. Stock winter safety items like de-icing materials, snow shovels, first aid products, fuel, etc. ahead of time. Make sure all personnel…more

The Weather Outside is Frightful: Winterizing Forklifts and Material Handling Equipment

Don’t let ice, snow, and cold temperatures freeze your operations. Winterize your forklifts and other material handling equipment to make sure your fleet is ready for the winter chill. Ensuring your forklifts, batteries, personnel movers, AGVs, pallet jacks, and all your material handling vehicles and equipment are up to the challenges of cold weather work will ensure your productivity stays at peak levels through the entire season. Batteries Test your battery performance before a deep freeze hits and weed-out any problem batteries to make sure that your strongest fleet is in action during this challenging season. Charge and store batteries indoors to shelter them from temperature drops and moisture. Check that any temperature compensation equipment on your battery charging system…more

Increase Efficiency in the Battery Room with Dedicated Operators

Your facility needs an on-site battery handling expert. Designate a Dedicated Operator to handle all of your battery change-outs and maintenance for each shift. Facilities with Dedicated Operators benefit from increased efficiency in their Battery Rooms. With a Dedicated Operator, your whole battery fleet will be used more evenly, maintained more reliably, and over-all operate more efficiently. What are the duties of a Dedicated Operator? Conduct all battery change-outs on a shift Manage which batteries are available for change-outs Conduct all Daily and Planned Inspections Perform all battery maintenance tasks and equipment repairs What are the benefits of having a Dedicated Operator? Accountability – Having a Dedicated Operator limits the number of personnel who may operate your battery handling equipment…more

4 Lift Truck Battery Fleet Mistakes You Can Avoid to Increase Efficiency during the Holidays and Beyond

Efficiency is always one of the highest priorities at any facility because it directly affects productivity. Efficiency is especially important during the holiday season when most companies face the greatest demands for productivity. Long hours, seasonal personnel, and high demand can really push a team to its limits. Is your facility ready for the holiday crunch? Here’s a list of 4 common mistakes that can leave your team in a lurch: Over/under use of batteries – Is your team using the same few batteries over and over? Are you struggling to get through a shift on one charge? Over using some batteries and under using others can significantly shorten the lifespan of your entire battery inventory. Even rotation of your…more

BHS Increases Dealer Efficiency Through E-commerce

Everyone knows that online retail sales is a multi-billion dollar game. However, few would assume that e-commerce-based shipments for the manufacturing sector total in the trillions of dollars each year. The US Census Bureau1 reports “e-commerce shipments were $3.0 trillion in 2012” for US manufacturers. Of that $3.0 trillion, shipments for fabricated metal product manufacturing (NAICS code 332) accounted for approximately $.14 trillion2, and machinery manufacturing (NAICS code 333) shipments accounted for another $.22 trillion. The demand for e-commerce in the manufacturing sector is huge, and BHS is at the forefront of implementing e-commerce technology to help our Dealer Network achieve continued efficiency and profitability. BHS continues to innovate by providing Dealers with easily accessible sales and support tools through…more

Technical Tips

Have a quick question? You may not always have time to talk through an equipment issue with BHS Technical Support. Check out the BHS Tech Tips, which are available 24/7. These short pieces cover a variety of battery handling concerns – from replacing vacuum cups to BE Planned Maintenance intervals to maintaining wash equipment. Tech Tips are your quick reference guide to the most frequently asked questions about use and maintenance of BHS equipment. Use them as talking points in your next team meeting to discuss Best Practices. Tech Tips go beyond the manual to provide you with dependable information based on real-use issues and are available whenever you need them.