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Tax Benefits in Mexico: Incentives for Forklift Battery Rooms and Warehouse Equipment

In recent years, Mexican policy has tended to shy away from tax breaks and corporate incentives. Where these benefits do exist, they are usually highly targeted, selective, and competitive. That said, there are a few tax breaks that can help companies in Mexico invest in battery handling equipment and other warehouse infrastructure. Be sure to research the following programs before making capital investments on equipment for facilities located in Mexico: Maquiladoras, or IMMEX The Mexican government created the maquiladora industry to boost manufacturing within its borders. Under the program, foreign companies — especially those in the nearby United States — can import materials to Mexican manufacturers, then export finished products, without paying import or export duties. The program also speeds…more

Write Off Your Battery Extractor System This Year

Two scenarios: A Battery Extractor System is purchased with a total cost of $500,000. Total annual spend on equipment is less than $2,000,000. Section 179 allows a full deduction of $500,000 of your Battery Extractor System. 100% of the cost! Total annual spend on equipment is greater than $2,000,000. Bonus depreciation:  $250,000 Standard depreciation:  $35,714 Total depreciation expense:  $285,714 Nearly 60% of the cost! This information and examples are for illustration purposes only.  Please consult your tax advisor for advice on your specific situation. As you may be aware, Congress recently passed the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act (PATH Act).  This law includes several tax breaks, including permanently extending Section 179 expensing and extending bonus depreciation. Section 179 allows…more