BHS, Inc. To Debut All-New Electrical Products at NECA 2018

August 10, 2018 — Philadelphia, PA — BHS Inc., a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment, will showcase new solutions for managing electrical supplies at the National Electrical Contractors Association 2018 Trade Show and Convention (NECA 2018). The event takes place between Sunday Sept. 30 and Tuesday Oct. 2 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Visitors to the BHS booth at NECA can participate in hands-on demonstrations of innovative products designed to improve safety, ergonomics, and productivity within the electrical industry.

“We’ve been in the material handling business from the beginning, going back nearly 40 years,” said Melissa Bowen of BHS Marketing. “Now our engineers are applying that expertise to electrical materials, and we can’t wait to share with our colleagues in Philadelphia.”

The St. Louis, MO-based manufacturer produces heavy-duty steel equipment for cable-and-wire management, reel handling, and moving bulk quantities of electrical materials. Products like Conduit Carrier Carts (CC) and Light Fixture Carts (LFC) fill a particular void within the construction industry, Bowen said.

“Traditionally, manufacturers offered all these cable-management solutions, but nothing to keep your light fixtures from breaking on the way to the install,” Bowen said. “We’re dedicated to solving material-handling problems with real innovations, and we’ve got the experience to get it done.”

BHS, Inc. will showcase its products at the double-wide booth 649, just opposite the NECA Survey Lounge.

BHS hosts booth 649 at NECA 2018

“We’re looking forward to sharing our products, but we’re even more excited to hear from several industry leaders,” Bowen said. “We work on custom industrial equipment every day. If electrical contractors come up to our booth and tell us what’s slowing them down, who knows? A whole new product could come out of it, and that’s a win for everyone.”